Best Options for The Right Online Sales

Best Options for The Right Online Sales

As Black Friday approaches and the Christmas holiday buying period approaches, the security solutions publisher and expert and product manager for the brand, works on car vacuum cleaner malaysia . Before giving some advice to protect yourself, the expert looks back on the special configuration of this purchasing period in 2020. 62% of people were already making purchases on the web with some 56 million transactions made in 2019, this should logically increase this year, especially with the confinement and the sanitary situation, and buyers are being pushed to online shopping.

This also occurs during an already critical period since usually conducive to fraud attempts, to which is added the phenomena related to new products as with the arrival of the SP5 or the new Xbox X Series. And hackers adapt according to the news, in particular by using spam, which today represents 72% of the mass of emails.

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His recommendations

Just like in our tips, the company encourages you to be mindful of the general reputation of the site you shop from. When this is the case, the account must also be protected by a strong and unique password and if possible by activating two-factor authentication which requires a second device, usually a smartphone, to validate the connection.

Then comes the question of securing the data exchanged. In addition to the HTTPS on the page now well signaled by browsers, it is also necessary to ensure that the network used is secure. Using a VPN is a good way to strengthen transaction encryption. The company offers its own solution and also includes it free of charge in its software suites up to a maximum of 200MB / day.

Regarding the means of payment itself, virtual cards, often offered for free or at very low cost by banks and neobanks, are a good way to avoid entering the code of your usual card. Post-operation monitoring also has a role to play: verification of statements, or better still, the use of automatic verification cards that instantly notify the user of each act of purchase.

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Don’t buy from just any store

First important step: the choice of the store. When you have a choice, prefer an online store that you already know by fame or because you’ve used it before. Make sure that the general notices and conditions of sale are accessible, the physical address of the company must be clearly indicated with a means of contact (telephone, email).

If you have no choice and you have doubts about the reliability of a seller, do not hesitate to contact them by phone or email under the pretext of checking the availability of a product. Search the internet using the name of the store or ask the community for advice in our pre-purchase advice forums to find an alternative or collect opinions.

Secure pages and VPN

A credit card number is intended to be entered on a special secure page which must be encrypted to prevent the number from being intercepted by a third party. These pages are easily recognizable thanks to the S of HTTPS which is displayed at the beginning of the address or to the padlock in the address bar. You can also activate your VPN if you have ever subscribed to such a service.